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7% [H] BTC [W] CashApp - NSX Exchanges (PayPal subject to availability)

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N S X   E x c h a n g e s

Hi CrackinGate!

I've been exchanging solely via Discord, and decided to expand into HF territory.
If you want to check my vouches, do add me on Discord at NSX#0001.
I'll show you my vouches as well as RepCord profile.

CashApp to Bitcoin

<$100 - Flat fee $8
<$200 - 8%
>$200 - 7%

CashApp to PayPal

Flat 10%
I will be sending via Goods & Services, hence I will pay for the 0.5% and $0.50 G&S fee. If you want ease of mind, I can start a dispute and mark the transaction as resolved so that the possibility of a refund is impossible on my end.

PayPal to Bitcoin

Flat 15%
Send via Friends & Family, reverse changes from Bitcoin to PayPal is also available depending on the availability at a flat 12%.

PM me on Discord @ NSX#0001

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