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Your friendly neighbourhood eWhore

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Hi guys, I've just joined this forum.

Personally, I actually got accounts across multiple other forums, mainly for sales mainly for eWhoring related services, as well as for the communities there.
I was contacted by @Eclipse, hopefully I'll be able to assimilate with the CrackinGate community and hopefully you guys will welcome me with open arms.

There isn't much about me to say without providing information that is a little too personal.

Since young, I've loved helping friends and peers alike with their problems, so I tend to provide a listening ear to many of my friends whenever they need. There was even a point in my life when I really aspired to become a counsellor. But a little convincing from lecturers and professors alike in college has changed my opinions and thoughts with renewed perspectives. I am experienced in the accounting field, and have studied auditing. I am currently working in a private bank somewhere in the world, and what I am doing by the side is honestly just for fun. Let's be honest, leading a secret life behind colleagues and peers backs is kinda mysterious and cheeky.

My beliefs on mental health and all its struggles are slightly different. I do recognise that a proper support system is required for the people affected by it to recover, but on the flipside I dislike encouraging their negative tendencies; Especially when it borders on a victim-complex. I have studied the many different types of personality traits as well as the complexes that comes along with them, and I would hopefully believe that I can read people well enough for me to know what they want from me.

Either ways, that should be enough about me.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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