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Privateloader CMS V1 - A simple CMS written in PHP

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This is a simple CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP.

Xampp or any PHP enabled server.
Register a free PHP account at https://www.000webhost.com/752926.html


add.html - Manage the database
. Add - Add text to the database
. View DB - View the text written to the database
. Delete DB - Erases the database
	add.php - Add the text to the DB
. Do not invoke directly, use add.html
	db.txt - Where the files are stored
	del.php - Delete the DB
. Can be called directly but use add.html
index.php - Show the text in the DB
. This is the homepage - Text or HTML will show in here

Online Demo 

You can navigate in the online demo.
> add.html - Add/View/Delete text
> index.php - View the text



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