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Everything posted by animehack

  1. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] earn money for browsing: https://crackingate.io/index.php?/topic/696-earn-bitcoin-by-just-browsing-the-web/
  2. animehack

    ban this guy?

    so like this guy sigined up a while ago and is spamming so like was just wondering when your going to ban him? https://crackingate.io/index.php?/profile/1065-shopsocks5c/
  3. Hi there everyone What it has to offer: [Hidden Content] Have fun with this pack [Hidden Content] *Always use Sandboxie or a VM**You can't trust anyone!**I found these files, I didn't leak/code them!* -animehack
  4. so i saw the post do we have a time for when it will come out yet?
  5. Yeh ik i am the best xD jk but still tho pretty dooe that 2/3 of the forum have seen my profile
  6. animehack


    welcome to the team
  7. hmm maybe i shuold start this daily thing you know seems pretty lit
  8. 20$ is a little expensive but i am sure someone will pay good luck
  9. animehack

    PC Games

    I am and will always be a Minecraft try hard I am a leaderboard player on hypixel.net so yeh Minecraft and csgo and maybe slope on y8.com
  10. Lmao this is just bots xD
  11. Now ik i am pretty late on this one byt i must say the new layout if the forum is butiful keep the up good work
  12. Next time you do a giveaway send a email to evry user telling them only once tho no spam
  13. This may bring back old member too like uid below 50 who knows
  14. What in your in your life would you change if you could go back in time?
  15. Me myself i wuold do so mush diffrent so i wuold prob just restart my whole life from when u was 5years old and just go for it from there and see how it gose you know
  16. animehack


    Oh man this is so old if only this lovly person where still hear ;(
  17. Oof what even happend to this lol