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animehack last won the day on March 31

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  1. animehack

    ban this guy?

    so like this guy sigined up a while ago and is spamming so like was just wondering when your going to ban him? https://crackingate.io/index.php?/profile/1065-shopsocks5c/
  2. so i saw the post do we have a time for when it will come out yet?
  3. animehack


    welcome to the team
  4. hmm maybe i shuold start this daily thing you know seems pretty lit
  5. 20$ is a little expensive but i am sure someone will pay good luck
  6. animehack

    PC Games

    I am and will always be a Minecraft try hard I am a leaderboard player on hypixel.net so yeh Minecraft and csgo and maybe slope on y8.com
  7. Lmao this is just bots xD