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  1. LegacyChecker PRICE: 10$ -> 1 PC License 15$ -> 3 PC License BTC | ETH | PAYPAL | SKRILL Hi nibba, Today I made new legacy checker. Legacy checker checks whether some account is migrated or unmigrated.[#] Checker does not display trash lines. [#] Checker auto removing trash lines from your combo. [#] 200K CPM+ CONTACT: Discord: Rubchinskiy#3505 or PM in forum I will give 1 vouches to REPUTABLE users 1/1In next update I add domain remover.PREVIEW: VALID CHECKER DON'T WORK NOW GIF: http://cheetos.host/u/17.35.06-28.01.19.gif
  2. Source by gdx [Hidden Content] First thing you want to do is download the raidbot source from the download: Secondly you need to open the .sln file and enjoy your raidbot, you need a tokens.txt file and you'll need tokens.