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  1. NitrogenX


    Hi all! Just a new seller joining this forum to advertise my shop. Found the site through my DMs from Eclipse. I have reputable accs on other major platforms, but I don't think those will hold up here. Feel free to look up my shop on Shoppy via my username. Looking forward to selling to you guys! You can see a brief list of my products below. Feel free to DM me if you interested in making a deal Accounts I'm Selling: League of Legends - EUW/EUNE/NA - Verified/Unverified - Active/Inactive - RP Accounts - Bulk Orders accepted Hulu - Various add-on packages - Lifetime warranty* Netflix - HD/UHD - Lifetime warranty* Crunchyroll - Lifetime warranty* Disney+ - Solo or ESPN+/Hulu bundle - Lifetime warranty* Many more accounts and services coming, just stocking up before listing them for purchase * Lifetime warranties have some terms for claiming replacements. See product sales pages for details