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  1. Well, it's never too late to learn something new, I believe. Moreover, I do not consider it a shame to ask even stupid questions. Better to play it safe and avoid potential problems.
  2. Hahah! It looks like =) However, for now I am quite determined and plan to study all the necessary information. That is why I ask so many questions.
  3. Well, how then to be? Is it worth mining only well-known and proven coins? but that's just nonsense! After all, there are those people who somehow define a promising crypt and then enrich themselves.
  4. Yes, and a lot of success depends on a good PC. However, if this is not the case, then you run the risk of not making money. You will also get problems fixing your pc.
  5. Dear friends, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding how do you determine that a new cryptocurrency will be successful?I know there are experienced crypto experts out there who can predict the success or failure of a new coin initially. I would like to know on what grounds this can be done?For example, many people write about this cryptocurrency that has every chance of successful and rapid growth. How can this be understood? What if it's a hoax?cryptoncoin.cashThanks in advance.
  6. Well, we should wait. To be honest, I don't really want to risk my money again, albeit insignificant amounts. Let's see if the coin grows - cool, if not - then there was another "promising" coin.
  7. Do you really think so? It's just that usually new coins really do seem promising at first, but it doesn't end well.
  8. Well, they have reason to believe in the success of their coin. I read the statistics of bitcoin for the end of August and the beginning of September - its rate began to fall sharply from a record high. They write that this happened because of the miners. So, if bitcoin falls, its counterpart will appear.
  9. The idea seems to be good, I even think that thanks to the competent actions of the developers, the coin can quickly gain a foothold in the market ... now, in the near future, it may already become obvious whether the coin will grow or not, you just have to wait a little.
  10. Yes, that's a good idea. It is better to start doing this first, while montages are just gaining their value in the cryptocurrency market.
  11. Yes of course. I am sure that all this will affect the strengthening of the currency in the market. I also believe that indirect factors can contribute to this. Such as, for example, an increase in the number of active users of this system. Do you agree with me?
  12. Don't worry and try it. I hadn't seen any disadvantages about it on the web, except of it's closed source. If you're afraid of losing anonymity install it on virtual machine.
  13. They were working on a desktop version for 6 years so it may take more time to release the mobile app Okay, let's think how can we spent the built-in coin
  14. Well, I think that if mobile version will be released also they'll add some ways to enter your account from a phone also.