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  1. Do your own research and that's it. But if it's just a game to you, then you can get into scam easily. It's a very big amount of information to learn before you should start mining. Maybe you'll even refuse from that idea.
  2. Fixing from what? You think that it will burn or what?? XD The software won't even let you mine if your PC is a piece of shit. But listening to you I understand that you can't even imagine how it should work.. So maybe it's not for you.
  3. I believe that any crypto project needs a certain time in order to show if it's succesfull or not. Moreover, as many try to invest into something perspective on the early stage, in most od cases it's a subjective meaning. So I won't believe any predictors. but would listen to myself.
  4. I wonder why so many people refuse from a free mining that doesn't require a lot. Because if you'd try it and you have a good PC, you'll see that even with such a low price you can withdraw quite a good amounts monthly. But it's your choice.
  5. Check the list of coins and tell me how many of them have you heard of There are some that rise fast and look attractive to investors or those that have a good advertisement or were produced by some media giants for instance. So I won't tell everything is promising or everything is a scam. I believe in CRP as I'm in Utopia from the beta testing time and I've seen no fails yet.
  6. I hadn't mentioned any valuable fall of Bitcoin, to tell the truth. In a row with the world financial crysis, Bitcoin rate is very good. We've seen much worse days without any clear reasons. So I wouldn't say something about other coins, based on the Bitcoin rates. But I wish Crypton a good luck, it has a good chances.
  7. It even has its own website already https://cryptoncoin.cash/ You can find where to invest, where to trade and where to mine it. Probably, developers and coin creators really believe in its perspectives as they create more and more things connected to the coin and the soft on the whole. It's a pleasure to look after such a hard work.
  8. Have you heard of the airdrop announced today? All my social media is talking about it. I just didn't understand if they give not so much, or there will be other stages to get some more CRP. It's a good marketing strategy. They don't lose much and gain new users.
  9. Sure, for now the value is based on the amount of mined coins, I guess. As for now rates are funny Moreover, it was listed on one more trading platform https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/utopia/markets/ So let's mine and make it more valuable.
  10. Hey all!I'm sure you've already heard of Utopia p2p ecosystem, which has no analogues on the web and provides a full anonymity to its users. But what I'm interested in more is Crypton - inner coin that can be mined without any losses.Good news are that coin was already listed on several trading platforms and already announced the listing on BitForex! For me it's one of the most trustful platforms of that kind.How do you think will it affect the value of the coin? How soon will it rise and what maximum rate will we see by the end of the year?
  11. Nice idea! I'll definitely try it like that. I want to remain really anonymous as such service opens new doors in business and it has to be secured.
  12. Yo guys! I’m crazy about total online privacy and anonymity. So I’m always checking the latest news on these topics. I just found a new app on a softpedia with a great review and rate. No matter it was just added a few days ago. It’s called Utopia, and it’s a kind of all-in-one service with lots of functions like chat, email, browser, mining, and some other financial operations. I hadn’t seen anything like this before and a little bit nervous to try. Had anyone used it already? Is it worth trying and really so encrypted? As I didn’t find much info about it.
  13. It's written that mobile app will be released in 2020. So for now we can only use it as a desktop version. Anyway it's a good news.
  14. Okay, thanks. Found it. Took some time to understand what and where to put, but now it works on another PC also. I understand that it's all about security means, but not very comfortable. And if there will be a mobile app it would be impossible to enter?
  15. What's the crypto container and where could I find it? As I've bought a new PC and want to use Utopia there now..