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  1. I'm pleased to announce that we've hired @trianglebit as a co owner ... He's willing to help the forum and make it a better niche Also, we are planning to add a new section called databases 29/10/2019
  2. welcome make sure to read the rules
  3. Deep web links that leads to illegal stuffs arent allowed in crackingate
  4. I really really appreciate this post , and appreciate how you encourage persons to exploit their own skills to make a profit ... the meaning of all of this is that everyone of us have some skills that can master it and turn it to a source of income and creativity thanks for this good post
  5. cicada is a hoax and a big lie made by some genius guys kek
  6. Welcome Approved and promoted to vip
  7. tested it and it doesnt reveal the hidden content , of you course you can see the hidden content on a quote as long as you replied on the original thread or you are the owner himself of the that thread there is no chance that someone can see the hidden content without replying solved